Reclosable Poly Bags

Ziplock bags, reclosable poly bags, seal top bags,

These are standard duty general use reclosable or seal top bags. They are excellent for storing, displaying, protecting, and shipping all types of products. The zipper type seal makes these bags perfect for items that need top be kept fresh or repackaged. Dimensions represent the interior, usable portion of the bag. Length does not include zipper.

Offset Lip for Easy Opening  • Meet FDA and USDA Requirements for food contact 
• Virgin Low Density Polyethylene 

2 mil Reclosable Poly Bags

2 mil Reclosable White Block Poly Bags

2 mil Reclosable Hang Hole Poly Bags

4 mil Reclosable Poly Bags

4 mil Reclosable White Block Poly Bags

4 mil Reclosable Hang Hole Poly Bags

Tamper Evident Reclosable Bags

Tamper Evident Poly Bags
Misc. Reclosable Bags


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Reclosable Poly Bags
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