Workhorse- Option Time controlled or manual vacuum & seal only mode

Weight - 130.00 lbs
Gauge - mil
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Workhorse- Option Time controlled or manual vacuum & seal only mode

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GVS Workhorse line of vacuum sealers is the "workhorse" made with high grade stainless steel and heavy-duty anodized aluminum. This sealer is ideal for medium to high volume use. We can easily customize this vacuum sealer to meet special requirements in applications such as food, medical, and or clean room environments. Standard features include upper and lower PTFE bars, touch PLC screen control, single-ported exhuast; and built-in safety bar. Note: Unit needs an external compressor to operate. The GVS Workhorse comes in 21", 26", 31", and 36" seal length options.

  • Impulse Sealing - Allows both heating and cooling of material to take place under pressure for optimum results
  • Single Stage Gas Flush - Allows MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)
  • Maximum Seal Length- GVS-2100: 21", GVS-2600: 26", GVS-3100: 31", and GVS-3600: 36"
  • Twin Retractable High-Vacuum Rate Nozzles
  • Twin stainless steel nozzles make it possible to vacuum two bags in a single cycle for increased productivity
  • It virtually eliminates the need for an operator to manipulate the bag during the vacuum cycle
  • Provides ease of lading, especially large bags and bulky products
  • Upper and Lower Heating Elements
  • Upper and lower elements allow for faster sealing
  • Better seal integrity, particularly on hard-to-seal materials such as Tyvek and heavy foils
  • PLC Touch Screen Control
  • Allows for accurate control of vacuum, gas purge, seal time and dwell settings
  • You can program and store up to 63 recipes
  • Venturi Vacuum Pump - No moving or electrical parts make the venturi pump very quiet during vacuum cycle
  • Pneumatic Safety System - Prevents accidental operator injury by use of back-pressure sensitive microswitch to prevent
  • jaws from locking down in the event of an unwanted object (i.e., hand or finger) is present in the seal area
  • High-Grade Stainless Steel Body, Heavy Duty Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Ideal for food, medical, and clean room applications
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum are easy and quick to clean
  • Cut Wire
  • Longer Seal Lengths (up to 61")
  • 4 Nozzles
  • Clean Room Ready
  • 3\8" Wide Seal Bar
  • Water Cooling
  • 220V
Many More. Just ask us if you have a specialized application in mind.