18" Table Top Vacuum Chamber Sealer

Weight - 225.00 lbs
Gauge -
Size/Dimension - 18"
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18" Table Top Vacuum Chamber Sealer

Product Details

TC-420 stainless steel vacuum chamber machines are ideal for sealing vacuum pouches used in the food, pharmaceutical or electronic industries. THis unit does not need an external compressor for operation. Simply place the vacuum pouch into the chamber with the open edge across the sealing bar. Close the lid and start the cycle and the lid will automatically open when cycle is completed. Vacuum time ranges from 15-30 seconds.

Seal bar options: Left and Right Side (TC-420LR) and Front Only (TC-420F)

TC-420 vacuum sealer is CE certified and assembled in the US. The vacuum pump is designed and manufactured by Busch.

We recommend this sealer for customers for heavy duty applications. For customers with light to medium applications, please refer to the TC-280F series

  • Maximum Seal Length - 11.8" / 6mm
  • Easily fits in most spaces; compact
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Durable aluminum seal bar
  • Acrylic plastic lid
  • Busch vacuum pump
  • Maximum Seal Lenth - 17.7" (TC-420F) / 16.9" x 2 (TC-420LR) / 6mm
  • Voltage - 110/60Hz / 1ph/16AMP
  • Chamber Depth - 5" +4"
  • Vacuum Chamber - 19.8" x 19.2" x 3" + 4"
  • Net Weight - 220lbs