The EHQ series tray sealers are excellent automatic tray sealing machines. Place your filled tray into the bottom plate and the machine does the rest. The food tray will be taken ino the machine, a film is applied and the machine opens and passes you the sealed tray. The whole process takes seconds! Our machines offer you an all-in-one system. We provide the heater sets (molds for the trays), film for sealing, and trays making our tray sealing machines the easiest and most seamless purchase. We have a variety of heater sets and trays that will fit your needs. Please note: Only EHQ trays will work on the EHQ tray sealing machine.


  • Easy to operate with automatic sensor
  • Perfectly consistent seal each time
  • Simple to use - easy to load film and heater set
  • Built-in safely feature to prevent injuries
  • Film - easy peel, hold, anti-fog hold, or anti-fog easy peel (only for EHQ-350) - Custom designs available
  • Instruction manual included
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty

Code Name Price Gauge Qty  
EHQ-200 8" Automatic Tray Sealer $2,227.50    
EHQ-350 14" Automatic Tray Sealer $2,430.00    
EHQ-350BL 14" Wide Automatic Tray Sealer $2,970.00