Now Offers Controlled-Life Bags

In order to address growing environmental concerns as well as live up to our promise of seeking high-quality sustainable product alternatives, we are proud to announce that many of our high density carry-out and t-shirt bags will now be manufactured with d2w controlled-life additives. If disposed of as litter, the new additives will permit the bags to self-destruct over a reasonable period of time (approximately two years) while ensuring the same strength, high quality, and price of a standard HDPE carry-out bag.

How Does It Work?

The additive functions by gradually breaking down the carbon-carbon bonds in the plastic, lowering molecular weight, which gradually weakens material strength and other properties. Exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture, and outdoor elements triggers the self-destruction process and an increase in any of the factors listed will accelerate breakdown of the bags. Unlike other eco-friendly plastic packaging options such as compostable film, the following controlled-life bags are safely recyclable with conventional plastics.

T-shirt Bags: CT1520W, CT1923W, CT1318W, CT1423, CT1621, CT1824, CT2024, CT1520TY, CT1620TY, CT1923TY, CT2427, CT2830

Merchandise Bags: C09, C11, C13, C15, C30, CH18, CH21, CH24

Take-Out Bags: TO121016, TO12135P, TO165146P, TO191895P, TO211810P, TO242011P

Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags

We recently introduced Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP) bags that are intended to be a reusable alternative to conventional shopping bags. The non-woven bags hold twice as much as general carry-out bags and are far more durable, lasting approximately two years with continuous use. In addition, they are fully washable for reuse and once worn out, are recyclable. Non-woven bags are cost-effective and environmentally friendly, a win-win situation for you and the environment.

Non-Woven PP Shopping/Grocery Bag: NW128138
Non-Woven PP Take Out Bags: NW141212, NW221415
Non-Woven PP Wine Bags: NW7493, NW7797
Non-Woven PP All-Purpose Bags: NW85105, NW13513, NW166126, NW206166

Thicker Bags

In light of the emphasis on reusability in an environmentally conscious marketplace, we adopted a high-density merchandise bag with a thick gauge (between 1.25 to 1.5 mils) for the intended purpose of reuse. At the end of their life cycle, these bags are 100% recyclable with conventional plastic bags.

Post Consumer Resin

Post Consumer Resin (PCR) is resin obtained from any plastic that has entered the stream of commerce, served its intended purpose, and has now been diverted for recycling or export. This includes residential, commercial and institutional plastic, however, does not include industrial scrap material like factory regrind and plant scrap used within the primary manufacturing facility. When it is taken to be recycled, used plastic material is melted down and formed into plastic feedstock, commonly known as resin. Post consumer resin is mixed with virgin resin to create a new feedstock for extrusion, resulting in bags with recycled content. We use a minimum of 10% post-consumer resin in all of our tarps and high-density bags.

Source Reduction

The Tuf-R™ line of products is a concrete example of product source reduction while maintaining the strength and price competitiveness of thicker-gauged comparable products. Tuf-R™ bags are made from a unique blend of linear low-density (LLD) resin for added resilience. The new resin mix allows the bags to be of a thinner gauge while still providing the same or better strength and puncture resistance as a standard low-density bag of a higher gauge. The motto of this line of products is that you can "do more with less".