Merchandise Bags, high density merchandise bags, bags with handles
High Density Merchandise bags are strong and durable with Die Cut Handles for easy carrying.
Code Name QTY Price  
C30RE 20X4X30 RED HI-D 250 $52.87
C30RSE 20X4X30 ROSE HI-D 250 $52.87
C30SE 20X4X30 SILVER HI-D 250 $52.87
C30TG 20X4X30 TEAL GREEN HI-D 250 $52.87
C30WE 20X4X30 WHITE HI-D 250 $52.87
C30YE 20X4X30 YELLOW HI-D 250 $52.87
PS240636 24X6X36 WHITE DCH HI-D 500 $86.36