Nozzle type vacuum sealers, industrial vacuum sealers, poly bag sealers
Code Name Price Gauge Qty  
DZ-280-2SD Sinbo 11" Vacuum Sealer- 4mm Seal $112.50    
DZ-280-2SE Sinbo 11" Vacuum Sealer- 4mm Seal - Liquids $140.00    
VV-1600 16" Value Vac 1600, Nozzle Type $1,768.50    
MPV-18 18" Mighty Mutt (Options available) $2,592.00    
GVS-2100R Retractable Vacuum Sealer (Workhorse) $6,493.50    
VV-305T 12" Double, Nozzle Type, 5mm **NEW** $2,362.50    
GVS-2600R Workhorse- Option Standard with gas single stage gas flush, $7,080.75    
GVS-3100R Workhorse- Option Time controlled or manual vacuum & seal only mode $7,674.75    
GVS-3600R Workhorse- Optional stand, shelf for stand and feeder tray $8,262.00