This Catering and Take Out bag holds a Half Pan and is designed to be a reusable alternative to paper and cloth bags. For safety, these bags are machine washable, and at the end of their life, the material is 100% recyclable polypropylene. Stock bags are available in one color (Black) with attractive imprint; however custom options are available. These Non-Woven Polypropylene bags do not contain lead or toxic inks.
Code Name Price Gauge Qty  
NW85105 8x5x10 +5BG Non-Woven PP (Sun Print) $263.76 0 300
NW13513 13x15x13 +5BG Non-Woven PP (Sun Print) $206.07 0 200
NW166126 16x6x12 +6BG Non-Woven PP (Sun Print) $114.76 0 100
NW206166 20x6x16 +6BG Non-Woven PP (Sun Print) $152.69 0 100
NW128138 12.5x8.5x13.5 +8.5BG Non-Woven PP- Grocery Size with Sun Print $137.62 0 100
NW141212 14x12x12 +BG Non-Woven PP - Catering and Take Out $184.79 0 100
NW221415 22x14x15.25 +14BG Non Woven PP - Catering and Take Out $151.13 0 50
NW7493 7x3.75x9.25 +3.75BG Non Woven PP- Two Wine Bottle $461.58 0 600
NW7797 7x7.5x9.25 +7.5BG Non Woven PP- Four Wine Bottle $315.38 0 300