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Vacuum packaging is the process of extracting air around a product and then sealing the product in an impermeable package. It protects the product from oxidation, spoilage, and corrosion. Vacuum packaging is used in the food, medical, and clean room industries. Barrier bags are used for vacuum sealing because polyethylene or polypropylene bags are both porous and cannot hold the vacuum for long term storage.
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Code Name Price Gauge Qty  
ZP-500 FoodShell 11" Vacuum Sealer $82.50    
VV-1600 16" Value Vac 1600, Nozzle Type $1,768.50    
WVT-455T 18" Foot-Operated Channel, Double 5mm seal $2,153.25    
MPV-18 18" Mighty Mutt (Options available) $2,592.00    
GVS-2100R Retractable Vacuum Sealer (Workhorse) $6,493.50    
TC-280F 12" Table Top Vacuum Chamber Sealer $2,319.30    
TC-420F 18" Table Top Vacuum Chamber Sealer $3,979.80    
VV-305T 12" Double, Nozzle Type, 5mm **NEW** $2,362.50    
GVS-2600R Workhorse- Option Standard with gas single stage gas flush, $7,080.75    
GVS-3100R Workhorse- Option Time controlled or manual vacuum & seal only mode $7,674.75    
GVS-3600R Workhorse- Optional stand, shelf for stand and feeder tray $8,262.00    
TC-420LR 17" Tabletop Vacuum Chamber Sealer $4,533.30