Plain bulk and transport packaging is sometimes as vital as the colorful and attractive retail packaging. When looking for a simple and cost-effective packaging solution, poly bags are typically one of the first options that come to mind. Although the barrier quality of these pouches is significantly lower than a foil material, they still provide an air-tight environment. These 5 lb. flat pouches are available in 1 ply or 2 ply constructions.
Code Name QTY Price  
PLT5P12-NN 5lb (2.2kg) Poly Flat Pouches - 2ply (4.0mil) - Clear 500 $235.44
PLT5P12-VN 5lb (2.2kg) Poly Flat Pouches - 2ply (4.0mil) - WITH VALVE - Clear 300 $163.56
PLN5P12-NN 5lb (2.2kg) Poly Flat Pouches - (4.0mil) - Clear 500 $111.52