24" Auto Sealer 2mm seal

Weight - 68.00 lbs
Gauge -
Size/Dimension - 24"
Qty -
24" Auto Sealer 2mm seal

Product Details

Automatic Impulse Sealers are designed for continuous sealing of thermoplastic materials. Equipped with an electronic timer and an electromagnet, automatic sealers are controlled by a plug-in transistorized circuit board. Once correct settings have been established, consistent seals will be maintained automatically.

Manufacturer's replacement kit includes 2 heating elements and a fuse.

Easy to operate. For automatic operation, set the control on auto. Adjust the sealing time (heating time), congealing time (cooling time), and recycle time (automatic operation of jaws). Insert material to be sealed and when jaw opens, remove sealed material.

For manual operation, set the control to manual. Insert the material to be sealed. Press down on the foot switch to activate the sealing bar.

Automatic sealers come with an electric foot switch and worktable.