26" Sealer with cutter and film roller

Weight - 53.00 lbs
Gauge -
Size/Dimension - 26"
Qty -
26" Sealer with cutter and film roller

Product Details

I-Bar Sealers are designed for shrink film packaging, but can also be used for sealing poly bags as it works similar to a hand sealer. Sealers usually come with round wire for cut and seal and depending on the model of the machine, film up to 34" wide and 0.025mm (100 gauge) thickness can be used. All sealers are of steel construction including the work base for quality and durability. Additional features depending on sealer model include timer, heat gun holder, film roller, film separator and cutter unit. W-Series I-bar sealers come in an ivory color. We also carry I-Bar Sealers with cutters. Cutting lengths are 2 shorter than the sealing lengths. The blade cuts 5/8 from the seal. Manufacturer's replacement kit comes with 3 round elements and 2 PTFE adhesives. (A blade is included in the cutter models). Easy to operate. Insert the product between the two layers of center fold film and press down the sealing bar. Pull the sealed package slightly away from the sealing bar. The element wire will cut and seal the edge. Now turn it over and seal the other side. Apply hot air using heat gun to shrink the film uniformly.