Controlled Life Biodegradable Bags

Controlled life plastic, degradable plastic poly bags, eco plastic bags

d2w additive gives a limited life to plastic bags, allowing them to degrade over the course of 24 months, without any toxicity to the surrounding environment. To see more, and a demonstration of d2w additive, click here.

Biodegradable d2w additive is currently available in the following product lines.

High Density T-Shirt Bags

Take out Bags

Merchandise Bags

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Open Top Flat Poly Bags
Leak Proof Fish Bags
Reclosable Poly Bags
Gusseted Poly Bags
Polypropylene Packaging
Doorknob | Newspaper Bags
Merchandise - Convention
Poly Tubing
Linear Low Density
Stand Up Pouches
Pink Anti-Static
Static Shield Poly Bags
Pre-Opened Bags on a Roll
Mattress Bags
Garment Bags
Custom Printed Poly Bags
T Shirt Bags
"Quick Turn" Custom Bags
Heat Sealers
Vacuum Sealers
Vacuum Bags
Shrink Bags and Film
Controlled Life Biodegradable Bags
Controlled Life T Shirt Bags
Controlled Life Merchandise Bags
Controlled Life Take Out Bags
Corrugated Boxes
Twist Ties and Tape
Shipping Scales
Stretch Film and Hand Wrappers
Air Pillow Shipping
Imprinters and Ink
Film Rollers
Tray Sealers
Heat Guns
Reusable Yard Bags