biodegradable food service take out bags
Biodegradable, controlled life take out bags for the food service industry are manufactured with a d2w additive to allow bags to breakdown in the environment with no toxicity. Perfect choice for restaurants and food service industries. Custom printing and sizes are available. Call us at 800-322-0042 (Toll Free) for pricing on custom orders.

Code Name Price Gauge Qty  
TO121016 12x10x16 +10BG Printed Take Out Bag with Die Cut Handle and Square-Cut Top $144.88 1.75 mil 500
TO12135P 12x13 +5BG Printed Take Out Bag with Wave Top $55.46 1.2 mil 1,000
TO165146P 16.5x14+6bg 0125 $58.71 1.25 mil 500
TO191895P 19x18 +9.5BG Printed Take out Bag with Wave Top Handle $76.76 1.5 mil 500
TO211810P 21x18+10bg $100.22 1.25 mil 500