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Portable Sealers

Portable heat sealers, hand held sealers, seal poly bags

Portable heat sealers are designed for operations that require some mobility. Whether working off site or moving from station to station, portable heat sealers are a great choice for increasing efficiency. Available in 6" to 16" lengths and 10mm to 15mm seal widths, these sealers are excellent for films up to 6 mils thick.

KF-150PS Portable 6" Sealer, one-eighth inch seal $109.50
KF-150CST Portable 6" Direct Heat w Teflon Coated Bars, 15mm $157.50
KF-150CSTA Portable 6" Direct Heat w Temp. Control $178.50
KF-772DH Clam Shell Sealer, 5mmx10mm $112.50
OnPakGen30 Ultrasonic Mini Welder, On-Pak (110-240V) $525.00
WT-250 Heat Wand 10" $33.00
KF-200CS Portable 8" Direct Heat with Temp Control 15mm $216.00
KF-300CS Portable 12" Direct Heat w. Temp Control 15mm Seal $315.00
FKR-400 Portable 16" Direct Heat,Temp Control, 10mm seal $358.50
FKR-200A 8" Double Portable IMPULSE Heat Sealer w5mm $543.00
FKR-300A 12" Double Portable IMPULSE Heat Sealer w5mm $582.00
FKR-400A 16" Double Portable IMPULSE Heat Sealer w5mm $619.50
HWS-802HW Hand Wheel Sealer, 5mm $270.00
HWS-803HW Hand Wheel Sealer, 10mm $300.00